How to Get Netflix Account for Free Forever in 2021

Watching series on Netflix is peaceful after returning home from the office or school. But, its monthly subscription can be stressful for you. Aren’t you want to know how to get Netflix for free forever in 2021? Yes? Then read my helpful guide to get a premium account for free!

Netflix is becoming famous in every age group. You can watch many amazing series and Netflix originals there. You can also watch Hollywood and Bollywood super hit movies. So the paid subscription can be worthy in today’s era of stressfulness. But how to get a free Netflix account query is also becoming a top trend according to Google trends.

The good news is I’m about to tell you precisely how I am watching Netflix for free for a lifetime without paying. And, you can do it too with easy steps. You can see many other web bloggers saying about free Netflix accounts, but they all aren’t going to work for you. Below I have written some best unique ways for you that you need to read them all! Now, read those methods and start watching your favorite series for free.

How to Get Free Netflix in 5 Ways | Latest 2021

Method 1: Netflix Free Trials 3 Months or More

If you want free Netflix trials for 3 months or more, then you’ll love this method. It’s the right way as Netflix provides this feature for the user to try their streaming services. And, you can utilize this feature unlimited times whenever they’re providing Netflix free trials.

After signing up on Netflix, you will get a 30-days free trial link on your email box. After clicking on it, you will be redirected to their official website, and you then need to provide some details. Don’t worry; the balance in your bank account won’t be charged until 30 days, so you need to put 1 or 2 days notification before the 30 days on the calendar to cancel the subscription.

With 7 or 8 steps, you will get a Netflix free trial account. You sign up for a free trial multiple times, but you need more credit cards to save money by watching your favorite shows for free. You can also get a free trial without your credit card; in the alternative, you can use your Paypal account.

Moreover, for registering for the Netflix free trial, you can also use a gift card option. But in case, a gift card is issued by a credit card company like a visa or master card.

To sign up for a free Netflix subscription, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to

Open the Netflix website on your computer/laptop.

Step 2: Getting Started

You will see a giant red button with the words ‘Get Started,’ you need to put your valid email on this box then click on it. If you’re already logged in, you can use a private tab or another browser like chromium. You can also clear the Netflix website cache but using cookies editor extensions or sign out!

Step 3: Creating the account

After getting started, the next step is creating the account. You’ll see the page where they ask you to enter your email and password again. Put an email and password that you want to use for your free Netflix account and save the details anywhere on your desktop.

Step 4: Selecting the streaming package

After creating an account, click on the continue button. Here you’ll see the button to see the plans. Click on it to move next.

how can i get a free netflix account

Step 5: Continue with the plan.

As you’re not paying for the subscription, so why not select the best option? :p But if you’re planning to get a paid subscription next month after using the free trial, then you need to consider the package according to your budget!
Select the Ultra HD streaming plan and then continue with the plan.

free netflix account without credit card

Step 6: Choose a payment method.

This is the most important step for the majority. Most people don’t feel comfortable using their credit cards, and some don’t have money, even $1, to start for free trials. So, here you need to select the best payment method that suits you. You can use your credit card or debit card, PayPal account, and in most cases, you will see the gift card option.

free unlimited netflix account

Step 7: Enter your payment information

Even if you do not pay in the first month, you will need to bring your payment information to make Netflix available in the coming months. This usually includes the cardholder’s name, social security number, number, and security pin.

If you sign up for PayPal, you must sign up for PayPal here and then follow the instructions page to confirm your “purchase” with PayPal.

Step 8: Start Streaming!

There you go! Now start your streaming for a month without spending a penny 🙂 and save your money.

Whenever you sign up for a new trial version, you must repeat this process using another email and billing method. If you have access to more than one credit card, you can also use the card. Otherwise, you can buy a Visa gift card, send money, and use it.

You can make a PayPal payment to reduce the number of signed registration cards for a free sample. You can also link it to your credit or debit card and use it as a payment method. Since Netflix does not show your credit card number, you can use the same card more than once.

If you want to utilize it from a free trial, decide to create a Netflix free trial accounts each time. If you do not cancel as mentioned renewal date, billing methods will be filled.

It would help if you had a computer or computer to cancel the subscription:

  • Go to and enter.
  • If necessary, choose your account.
  • Scroll to the icon for the image in the top left, then click Save with Font.
  • Click Login. Go to the top left of the page.
  • Click the “Release” button in the top left.

Get Free Netflix Trials On Mobile:

Step 1: Open Netflix

Open the Netflix app by taping the stylish N symbol icon.

Step 2: Register for a free month

If Netflix is connected to another account, delete the data from your Android app. In iOS, to log out of your account, press the to key, click Sign Out, and then click “Sign In.”

Step 3: Describe the plan.

Since you don’t pay for the first month, it’s best to select a plan that allows UHD streaming.

If you are planning a paid subscription next month, you may want to choose a cheaper plan.

how to get free netflix for a year

Step 4: Create an Account

Continue with the steps you took and then go to the Create Account page. Enter an email address at the top of the inbox, then enter the password you want to use for your Netflix account in the box below.

free netflix for life

Step 5: Choose a payment method.

Click on one of the commonly available payment methods, including credit or debit cards and PayPal.

Click here to sign up for the iPhone using iTunes.

While using the card, write the serial number, name, date of use, and security number. PayPal uses PayPal customers and follows on-screen instructions to confirm payment.

Enter your Apple ID or Touch ID on your iPhone to verify your iTunes registration. Be active after that.
Even if you do not pay in the first month, Netflix requires a payment method to create your account.

how to get netflix without paying

Step 6: Start your membership

Start your Netflix subscription now. Netflix is now free to watch for a month.

Don’t forget to cancel your subscription before the billed date! Above I explained how to do it.

Method 2: Mobile or Cable Company Free Netflix Offers

Want to get a free Netflix account in another genuine way? If so, then method #3 is about to give you some secrets to get free Netflix. Many companies like smartphones, companies, or internet providers provide offers, including free Netflix subscriptions. On the other hand, you need to buy some services or products to enjoy Netflix for free.

If your smartphone is getting old, then next time you go to the market to buy a new smartphone, consider checking free Netflix offers. Moreover, if you’ve purchased a mobile already from a company that provides a free Netflix subscription to its customers, it’d be amazing to get their deals.

You need to contact your service provider through their customer support services. Ask your service provider manager for free subscription offers. You’ll love it after getting Netflix or HBO streaming services free of cost. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment box.

Get Free Netflix From T-Mobile

T-Mobile will give the Netflix account at no extra cost, but it is not open to everyone. If you choose a package that does not require a check or prepayment, Netflix Free Tier is not available.

You’ll get Netflix free subscription if you’ve two or more lines from T-Mobile. Here’s how to get free Netflix from T-Mobile:

Step 1:

You need to purchase any plan of T-Mobile like Magenta plans, Magenta Plus, or ONE plan. You need to make sure you have not signed up with a prepaid plan or no credit check plan.

Step 2:

Make sure you’ve added a minimum of one line additionally with your plan because you’ll get Netflix free subscription if you’ve got a minimum of two lines.

Step 3:

After signing up with their feature ‘Netflix On Us,’ you have to wait a bit for a confirmation text message from T-Mobile. And, now follow the instructions to use NetFlix streaming for free!

Method 3: Netflix Pro App

As you know, Netflix provides a free trial of 30 days, but you need to add a credit card for a free trial. So in this method, you need not worry about the trial(s). Within a minute, You will know how to get Netflix for free forever in 2021. You don’t further have to log in, and you can watch the latest series and movies after downloading pro Netflix app!

how to get netflix free for life

Step 1: Download Netflix Pro App

Download the Netflix Pro App. Download [Updated] app, and don’t forget to delete the previous app.

Download - Mirror 1

Step 2: Install Premium Free Netflix Alternative App

Install the downloaded free Netflix premium app on your android and open it. But before that, Your phone will ask you to enable “Install from unknown source” then enable it.

Step 3: Get Your Free Netflix Account

Now, open the app you installed, and boom! You got a free solo Netflix account, and there is no need for Netflix free trial without a credit card.

Update Must!! Update also to the latest version inside the app so you will not get any bugs.

Download - Mirror 2

Step 4: Enjoy Your Free Netflix App

Now, Enjoy what you ask about how to get a free Netflix account for free forever in 2021. So, here is an amazing 1st way to watch Netflix free movies and series free of cost!!

Method 4: Coupons Discounts for Students


By reading the above legit ways, you can trust me also for this method—some non-profit or profit-based organizations providing coupon codes for students or deserved ones. Coupons will work at any time for getting free or the best discounts for Netflix subscriptions.

Here are some of the best website where you’ll get coupons for free Netflix:

  • Giving

Method 5: Happy to Share

Sharing is caring is the quote you see from your childhood. So why not apply the rule with your friends or family?

Make a WhatsApp group of 4-5 people, distribute the amount to a maximum of $3 per person. Open a Netflix free trial and then use those $15 for the Netflix Ultra HD 4 Screens streaming service.

History Of Netflix

Netflix is an American media co-operation provider and movie company. It’s headquartered is inside Los Gatos, California, established in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California.

The company’s main business is its subscription-based streaming dish. They give online streaming of a building of movies and series, including those created in-house, also using 3d printing techniques. As of April 2019, Netflix had over 148 million paid subscriptions globally, including 60 million in the United States. Furthermore, they are covering 154 million subscription figures, including free trials.

It is accessible worldwide, but in mainland China, Syria, Crimea, also North Korea. The organization also holds offices in the Netherlands, Brazil, India, Japan, and South Korea. Netflix is a part of the Motion Picture Association.

Netflix’s first business model introduced DVD sales, including rental by mail. However, Hastings dropped the sales about a year after its founding to concentrate on the first DVD rent business. Netflix extended its enterprise in 2010 with the initiation of streaming media. They were also maintaining the DVD and Blu-ray rental market.

The company grew globally in 2010 with streaming accessible in Canada, followed by the Caribbean and Latin America. Netflix joined the content-production industry in 2012, debuting its original series, Lilyhammer.

After 2012, Netflix has also become an active role as a producer, the publisher for both film and tv series. In the end, it gives a variety of “Netflix Original” content within its online library. In January 2016, Netflix engaged in more than 190 countries.

Netflix issued an expected 126 original series and film contracts in 2016, more than any other network, either cable channel. Their struggles to create new content, settle the rights for new tv series, and increase over 190 countries have followed in the company racking up billions in the account.

$21.9 billion as of September 2017, higher from $16.8 billion from the early year. $6.5 billion of that is long-term money, while the rest is in long-term commitments. In October 2018, Netflix declared it would grow another $2 billion in shares to improve original fund content. (Wiki)

Q. What is a Free Netflix Account?

A Free Netflix account means you will not need to sign in or sign up for any penny! Here on our website. So enjoy this and get Netflix free forever.

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