How to Make Channel Like Haqeeqat TV

Have you ever think about how haqeeqat tv getting videos for their channel? Aren’t you want to know too how to make a youtube channel like haqeeqat tv? If So, then keep reading this article. I’m about to tell you how you can do it with easy steps and grow your channels like his channel.

If you don’t know about this channel, let me tell you. Haqeeqat TV is Pakistan’s no 1 famous youtube channel who’re getting amazing views on his channel. This channel owner is making videos on political issues and wars. But, he is getting amazing views on his channel.

Moreover, Haqeeqat TV-like channels are also there so why can’t you? Today I am about to give you this secret so you can make videos like him and earn well.

How to Make Channel Like Haqeeqat TV

I’m going to give you this secret formula for making videos like Haqeeqat TV. Keep reading my article and share it with your friends so that everyone can get benefit from it too.

Step 1: Create a new channel

Create a new youtube channel, and do simple steps like verification from ph number.

Making a logo for your youtube channel is easy now. Download Sothink Logo maker software and design a perfect logo for your channel within 10 mins.

Step 3: Design a channel art

For designing a channel art, you don’t need any much effort. I’m about to share some of the channel art designs with you. Just open them with photoshop and change the texts.

Step 4: Writing the script

Scriptwriting is art. But, before that, pick a good trending topic. For selecting a good topic, do reverse engineering and choose topics from top channels.

If you know how to write a good quality script, then write it today and proceed with the next steps. If you don’t know how to do it, then I’ve shared some of the best freelancers they will write a roman Urdu script for you.

Moreover, You can also join the CWW Batch 5 content writing course, starting in 2 months. Currently, Batch 4 is running, but you can reserve you a seat right now for batch 5.

Step 5: Creating a video

Step number four is the main problematic part. But, in my guide, it isn’t. Go to and collect the data for your video like haqeeqat tv. Isn’t a secret formula that I told you right now? 😀

If you don’t have an account of story blocks, so don’t worry. Below you’ll see the download link of cookies. Just download those cookies and import them on story blocks, and there you go.

Step 6: Voiceover

Voiceover is the 2nd main part. You need a good microphone to create the voiceover. If you have, then make a video today, or I’ll share some voiceover artist’s links. In addition, on KT Blogger youtube channel, my next video is on voiceover making, so keep up to date and do subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon.

Moreover, in that video, you’ll come to know how to do voiceover from 100 rupee earphones and a very rare android app, which is made for small YouTubers.

Step 7: Editing the Video

Editing of the video isn’t much worry step. Download the filmora’s latest updated premium version and edit your video. Put everything in the timeline and start joining the clips.

If you want me to upload a video or publish an article on complete filmora’s best video editing tutorial, then comment below.

Step 8: Upload your video.

Upload your video with video SEO. Remember that, while doing SEO for your video, do it wisely so that your video will get a boost from yt.

Step 9: Done!

Now you are done. Please share the video you’ve created with your friends, but don’t spam it on social media.
Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

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