What is Blogging and How Does it Work

What is Blogging | Best & Impressive Blogging in 2023

This article is all about What is blogging  and how does it work, how to earn or make money from it online. I’m about to discuss an overview of blogging, what its main categories or niches. In addition, I’m also about to overview my own strategy, which is “KTN Strategy.”

What is Blogging and How Does it Work

Blogging is all about writing the content to solve user queries. You do blogging to solve user queries or keywords, and you get some bucks in return. You can start your blogging profession, and you can do it full-time. You’ll need to learn fully about it.

Blogging (short for “weblog”) is a conversation or informative website consisting of discrete, sometimes informal diary-style text entries that are published on the World Wide Web (posts). Typically, posts are presented in reverse chronological order, with the most recent post appearing first at the top of the web page.

Until 2009, blogs were generally the product of a single person, or sometimes a small group, usually addressing a particular subject or theme. In the 2010s, “multi-author blogs” (MABs) arose, including several writers’ work and sometimes professionally edited.

MABs from newspapers, other media sources, universities, think tanks, advocacy organizations, and other institutions are responsible for growing blog traffic. The emergence of Twitter and other “microblogging” platforms has helped MABs and single-author blogs become more integrated into the news industry. The word “blog” may also be used as a verb to refer to the act of maintaining or adding material to a blog.

How to do Market, Niches, and Keywords Research

In the first step of blogging, you do Market research Aka “Niche Research.” In Niche Research, you need to explore an evergreen, good trafficable, profitable market to work.

All you need is first to go to any SEO tool (Ahrefs, Moz, Semrush). Then, enter any combination of query words like; how to, how to delete, etc.

Next, check all keywords ideas, and here you’ll see “Niches,” not “Keywords.”

You need to export the data minimum to 100 by sorting it to high to low search volume or by low to high keywords competition filter.

Once you export the data, check Google Trends of all kewords or niche ideas one by one. Pick the best one who has a good evergreen trend.

After picking the niche, go to the SEO tool again, enter your final keyword, and go to keyword ideas. Here you’ll now see your final keywords to work on them.

When you get your keywords, you need to do competition research. You’ll need to see competitors’ backlinks on that keyword result page or SERP in competition research. And, you need to check the top 5 websites’ content length, photos, videos, and website structure.

In competition research, you also need to check if any website ranks with the only topic to the related keyword? Like a very related website is ranking on “how to delete Instagram account.” If there’s any of that highly relevant website, then the competition is considered high. Moreover, you need to check how many articles your competitors have posted on your niche.

This is all about keywords research for blogging! In the next article, I’ll be discussing more content strategies and how to do SEO to rank higher in the SERP.

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